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        About Us
        Product name:POM(DERLIN) BALLS
        Product description:
        PRODUCT POM Balls
        Material POM (M90,M90S,DERLIN 100P,DERLIN 500P, DERLIN FG500P .......)
        Diameter 1.588 mm ~ 50.8 mm(1/16"~2")
        Grade G0,G1,G2,G3
        Standard ISO3290:2001
        Physical properties DELRIN Balls (ACETAL RESIN - POM) is similar to nylon but slightly harder and denser. Recommended for applications where these properties and low water absorption are required. Balls made of these materials are often used for sliding fittings of tables and drawers, furniture bearings, rollers, valves and elec-tronic components, sailing boat fittings.